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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome, Baby, written and illustrated by Barbara Reid. Scholastic Canada, 2013. $9.99 ages 0 and up

"Welcome, baby, welcome!
All the world is new,
And all the world is waiting
To be introduced to you.

You will be our sunshine,
We'll be your biggest fans,

We'll tell you all our stories,
You're part of all our plans."

With soothing, rhythmic, heartfelt verse, a new baby is welcomed to the family, the home and the world. And, I have a new board book to go on my list called 'perfect presents for a baby's first library'. Barbara Reid's newest book is like icing on the most scrumpdiddillyumptious cake you have ever imagined. Her artwork, done in Plasticine, only seems to get better. I have been a huge fan since Day 1, and have a complete collection of all her books on my 'keeper shelf'. She works wonders with her fingers and thumbs.

If you want to see her at work, check out the following link:


The text is full of the many wondrous doings in store for babies...imaginative, loving, always learning about the world around them. Because of its rhythmic text, it won't be long until much of it becomes a nursery rhyme shared again and again.

And the art? Well, it is glorious! Looking carefully at each spread leaves me in awe. The textures, the colors, the overlapping details, the changing perspectives, the loving warmth of each singular scene give such a feeling of joy and acceptance. What a year, what a celebration! I'm off to order a bunch to add to my baby gift shelf!

And if you haven't heard enough to inspire you to do the same, check out Barbara's interactive website at :

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