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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hug Time, written and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell. Little Brown. Hachette. 2012. $7.99 ages 2 and up

"He hugged all the birds he could find in the park.
So many to hug before it got dark!"

Here's a little book that I will be ordering for new babies, or loved ones for Valentine's Day since Christmas has come and gone. Patrick McDonnell is so good with these adorable cartoon characters. I love seeing them!

Young ones will rock to the beat of  the rhythmic text and the accompanying love-infused artwork. What a great premise for changing our world for the better:

"There once was a kitten so filled with love
He wanted to give the whole world a hug."

Ah, I would take one of those anytime. The older I get the more important they become, and hugs mean a lot more to me now than gifts do. I have always been a hugger, to the great consternation of my kids when they were younger. They seem quite happy to accept them now. I love the close feeling you get when you give someone you care about a gentle reminder that they are loved.

As we say farewell to Christmas for another year and prepare to welcome a new year, the message of this little book has much to say about changing the world one hug at a time;

"There was no one this kitten wanted to miss,
So he made (and he checked twice) a Hug-To-Do List. "

I'm going to get at mine, and I hope you think about doing the same thing! The world is going to be a better place. Get yourself a couple of copies and be prepared the next time you think that someone might appreciate a hug....and a book!

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