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Monday, October 17, 2011

I Will Not Read This Book, written by Cece Meng and illustrated by Joy Ang. Clarion, Thomas Allen & Son, 2011. $19.99 ages 3 and up

I changed my mind.
I am not going to read
today. Reading is hard
and I don't read fast and
sometimes there are words
I don't know. I will not read
this book and ...."

The last thing we ever want to do is have our kids worry about their reading...especially worry enough that they don't want to do it. It's a tough job learning to read and they won't do it if they are feeling uncertain or are facing pressure to get everything right. Let's remember that whatever we ALL learn to do, we need time to practice. Kids need the same thing with their reading. They need time, supportive people in their reading lives and books, books, books. Sometimes they read, but more often we do the reading. We want them to know how story works, to learn book language and to feel comfortable with their initial forays into the world of books.

The little guy in this book is not feeling so great about the reading, but he has a wonderful imagination and the game he plays as he prepares for bed is adventurous. Plus, it's cumulative; it won't be long until attentive listeners are ready to 'have a go' at reading it themselves. That's what we want!

Our young man IS ready for bed. He's not so ready to read. So, he gives a long list of tortuous suffering that might happen...and he still won't read it:

"I will not read this book
even if you hang me upside down
by one toe
over a cliff
while tickling my feet
in a rainstorm
with lightning above..."

You KNOW what I mean!

The art is so much fun...from the series of spot pictures as he does all the 'prep' he needs to do before bedtime to the threat to climb under the bed where no one can reach him. Every page adds a new peril and hilarity. The monkey that tickles the feet, the sharks that circle the waters below, the bright beam of the speeding's all there!

The surprise ending is just right if you want kids begging to hear it one MORE time!

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