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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pete The Cat Rocking in My School Shoes, story by Eric Litwin and art by James Dean. Harper, 2011. $18.99 ages 2 and up

"Check out Pete.
He's ready to eat
in a big, noisy room
with tables and seats.

Where is Pete?
The lunchroom!

It can be loud and busy
in the lunchroom."

Do you think that the busyness and the noise worry Pete? Well, if you know Pete, you know the answer to that question. Goodness, no!

There is always the concern that the second book about a beloved character won't measure up to the first! You can be just like Pete...worry no more!

In this book that takes Pete to school, and in his school shoes no less, we find him discovering the many spots that are part of this new environment. He uses his shoes to give him the confidence he needs to explore them. With those shoes to bolster his confidence, he is never at a loss. Whether it's riding the bus, reading in the library, having lunch in the cafeteria, or sliding on the playground, Pete has no worries. He's got his shoes and they are all that he needs!

Kids will immediately cotton on to the repeated refrains and the changes he makes in the words to assure the shoes are helping with each new task. It will take no time until they are reading right along with you and begging for more. His first adventure with color (Pete the Cat) was one of the most requested books when I read in classrooms this past year. I never read it just once...I am quite sure that next year won't be a lot different! Now, I will have both to share and it's going to be a blast...

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