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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Except The Color Grey, written and photographed by Arlene Alda. Tundra, 2011. $18.99 ages 2 and up

" Do I like BLUE? I do, I do!
I ride BLUE to the beach.

BLUE is there while hugging
too many, though, to reach."

Kids who are learning about colors need books that help them see those colors in the world that surrounds them. The bright framed photographs that Arlene Alda has uses for her newest book offer much to discuss with those kids as the book is shared.

The title page background is a fiery red and offers up a photograph of a table filled with row upon row of candy that is every color of the rainbow. Their mouths will be drooling and they will be recognizing favorites, while wondering about ones they have not yet seen, or tasted. Now, that's an invitation to come on inside and see what else is there!

'Which color is your favorite? is faced with a house-filled street...each of the houses sports a different color and invites a discussion, once more, about the answer to such a question. Then she surprises her audience:

"Except the color GREY.
GREY is clouds without the sun.
GREY is dreary dark."

Well, that's true. She goes on to show the many colors that make up our world and ends with a big surprise!
The rhythmic pace carries readers along as the author shares her day's journey, giving them focus for a walk that they might take themselves...with camera in hand.

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