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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ask A Bug, edited by Deborah Lock. DK Publishing, Tourmaline Editions. 2011. $10.99 ages 6 and up

"How many insects are
there in the world?
Scientists think the number of
insects alive at any one time is
10 quintillion
That is 200 million insects for every
human being on the planet."

No wonder there are so many darn ants in my front lawn! I might have my 200 million share right here....yech!!! As I sit on my front step, I watch in wonder at their constant motion and industriousness...and hope that they do not find their way inside. They would not be happy here!

I am forever singing the praises of DK Publishing for the wonderful work they do in bringing amazing and 'much in demand' nonfiction to our little ones. On the double page spreads created for this book,  kids get an up close and personal look at a wide variety of 'bugs'. There are numerous questions about each one, plus a box titled 5 things to know about us. The questions are answered, the captions and labels useful and readers come away with an expanded knowledge of each of the 'icky' and 'elegant' critters.

Bugs are the perfect respondents. When a butterfly is asked where it goes when it rains, it answers: "We hide under large leaves or rocks and hold our wings tightly together. If the rain is too hard, our wings will be damaged and we will die."

Now to ants!

"Why do ants have armies?
We are social insects, which means we live in a group, or colony, to help us survive. We each have jobs to do. Most of us are workers but some are soldiers, guarding the nest. They defend the colony by biting, stinging, or spraying acid at attackers."

Does it help to know more about ants? While I can appreciate their tenacity and cooperation, I still want them out of my lawn!!!

There's more...if you want the scoop on bugs right from the source, find this book and share it!

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