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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime, written and illustrated by Bob Shea. Hyperion, H B Fenn. $17.99 ages 3 and up


You can bet I will be adding this to my 'if you want your child to be a reader, get this book' list!  It's important for children to love 'stories' from their first attempts at trying to master text. If the book doesn't make sense, or sound like a book, what's the point?

Of course, they need help with sounds and symbols. But, first and foremost, they must want to do what you do when you read them great books that spark their interest and give them context for telling their own stories. They need phrases that repeat, words that they have in their own internal catalogue, and they need the characters in their books to be doing what they do. The text should be simple and predictable with captivating and helpful illustrations adding to the appeal. And, humor helps....well, it certainly does in this fun book.

Any child worth his or her salt is going to complain when they hear the dreaded 'b' word...bedtime!

You'll need your most animated and your loudest voice to bring this cagey dinosaur to life! I guarantee you will read it over and over again...even though your young one will soon be reading right along with you.

Nothing will stop this train wreck called Dinosaur! Leaves don't get in his way...he plows right through them and WINS! Big, tall slides mean nothing to him! A bowl of spaghetti cannot be big enough! Grown-ups don't faze him! Dinosaur wins every time.

When the bath is taken and the teeth are brushed, Dinosuar comes face to face with his most frightening foe...bedtime. No amount of roaring suffices. A new winner is declared and Dinosaur won't battle back until the morning. Sure to charm from the first word, young readers will listen with delight as Dinosaur roars his way through his day in much the same way that they do...fearless, energetic, full of bravado, and endlessly exuberant.

A worthy addition to a growing list...thanks be to writers whose goal is to get wondrous books into the hands of our youngest listeners!

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