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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Wrong Book, written and illustrated by Nick Bland. Scholastic, 2009. $14.99 ages 3 and up

"My name is Nicholas Ickle
and this book is about...

an elephant?
Wait a minute,
this book isn't about an elephant!
Go away!
You're in the wrong book!"

There's problem here and it seems to belong to Nicholas Ickle. He's trying to tell his story, but his penchant for storytelling is constantly denied with the appearance of a host of characters who have no place in it. First, the elephant shows up and when Nicholas asks him to give over he is replaced by two green, polka-dot monsters. As the monsters gambol around and atop the frenzied elephant, a pirate comes on the scene. Then a queen and her entourage, a pack of rats and a perplexed puppet try to take center stage. Nicholas has had it....with loud voice and much determination, he shows them the door.

As if that is not enough...just as he resumes the telling a dark shadow appears above his head, signalling THE END!

Funny and perfect for reading aloud, it will bring great joy to your listeners. Children will quickly join the refrains, and will soon be reading it on their own. Now, that's what we want for our earliest readers...a book that 'tickles' their funny bones and begs repeated readings.

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