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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today I Will Fly, written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion, HB Fenn. 2007. $9.99 ages 3 and up

"Today I will fly!
You will not fly today.
You will not fly tomorrow.
You will not fly next week."

As sure as Piggie is that she will fly, Elephant is sure she will not. Piggie is just as persistent here as she is in every other Elephant and Piggie story and will not be deterred from this new goal. She is megaconfident that she will, indeed, fly. Elephant remains skeptical. She tries flying across the page, but it looks more like hopping. With renewed determination, she recognizes that she might need help. Will she get it from the dog? Well, she does end up on Elephant's head, but it seems it was a gigantic JUMP that got her there. So, no flying this time. What if she flaps her arms quickly at her sides? Nope.

But she is not one to give up, so she accepts a different kind of help. Finding a pelican appears to be the ticket. Soon, Piggie is high above Elephant's head and flying! Elephant is so excited! Piggie cannot tell a lie and so she explains that she is not really flying...she is attached to cables that are attached to pelican and that makes it seem like she is flying. Nonetheless, Elephant is duly impressed and thinks that perhaps, tomorrow, he will fly. Piggie responds with a reluctant 'good luck!'

I'm telling need these books for hours of fun, and a whole bunch of anything-but-reluctant reading!

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