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Monday, June 14, 2010

MATCH! Edited by James Bandy. Macmillan, HB Fenn. 2010. $14.99 ages 6 and up

"Ten Things...We love about BRAZIL!
Record winners!
Cool kit!
Deadly strikers!
Red-hot form!
2014 hosts!
Trophy hunters!
Classic teams!
Wicked manager!"

A month of much to see, so many to cheer on and vuvuzelas! When the games are done, and the trophy won, die-hard fans will still find much to keep them informed and interested if they have this book. It comes from MATCH!, the UK's best-selling football (well, soccer) magazine and is a handsome and full of information guide to all 32 participating teams. Its biggest stars, World Cup stories and player posters all have a place in this amazing chronicle of the world's most popular and most internationally watched sport.

It gives me insight into some of the matches, offers up more tidbits than I can abosrb, and hundreds of photos of some of the game's most watched players. It has legends, shots of the stadiums where the games will be played and a full out schedule where readers can track their team and the results of each and every game...down to the final on Sunday, July 11.

I cannot imagine that they have missed anything and it may take a few diehard fans to point out what is, in fact, missing. I now better understand the excitement of the battle for the golden ball, while also providing games, puzzles, cartoons and 'match verdicts' for many of the most celebrated contests.

If you have a soccer fan in your family, or life, this might be just the book for them!

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