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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthy Cooking for kids! Edited by Julia March. DK, Tournaline Editions Inc., 2008. $17.99 ages 4 and up

"Healthy eating can be fun! In these recipes you will discover lots of ideas for balanced breakfasts, luscious light meals, and mouthwatering main meals, all designed to suit even the pickiest eaters. And don't worry: There are plenty of recipes for desserts, cakes, and cookies - but with a healthy twist!

I have loved this recipe box since I first set eyes on it, and have shared it in many workshops to date. I find that the most interest results at workshops done after school or before lunch. Such mouthwatering treats have those in attendance salivating as they think about their own upcoming meals.

There is a table of contents card and the recipe cards have colored index separators and colored tops for each meal...yellow for breakfast, red for light and main meals, and purple for desserts and baking. Easy to organize and also to find the one you want at any given time...a real plus when you are looking to make something good with your kids or grandkids. Each card is laminated for easy care, has bright and helpful photographs to help with preparation. There is an ingredient box, clear method photos, healthy hints and a quick descriptive paragraph with additional hints. What have they forgotten? Not a thing!

And here's the best part: while I haven't tried nearly all of the almost fifty recipes, I have tried a number and they are as easy and as healthy as they profess to be! As we see the statistics about growing levels of childhood obesity and diabetes in our children, this set of recipes makes it easier to be sure that we are teaching our children about better health, while also sharing good times and good food with them. Yes, banana pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, corn chowder with a carrot salad for lunch, rainbow beef on brown rice for dinner and the piece de resistance...a fruit sticks with chocolate orange dip for dessert. Zowie!!

50 fun recipe cards is right! Check them out!

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