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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Reader, written by Luciana De Luca and illustrated by Cynthia Alonso. Interlink Publishing, Thomas Allen & Son, 2019. $23.95 ages 5 and up

"I read without stopping.
I am not distracted by anything.
Neither the laughter, nor the
train, nor the pigeions that
walk on the clothesline where
the laundry hangs.

The more I read,
the bigger the world

There is nothing this child would rather do than read. I walk in that procession. Blessed with accomodating parents, a large in-home library, and more books than can be counted, life is good. Early mornings provide freedom to choose and to read away the time. That love of books is bolstered by parents who suggest that any book within reach is fair game. The ones on higher shelves will be available as time passes and growth allows for new adventure.

The 'reader' is our narrator and tells those listening (or reading the book itself) that the wonders of reading are countless and forever changing. There is no distraction from the outdoor noises nature provides, and no end to the wonders that are found in the pages.

"Some books have lots of pictures.
Others are very serious; the words,
like ants, run across the pages.
Some books are long and mysterious.
Others are light and fast.
Some are like vines holding me tight.
Others, like the wind, carry me far away."

Even children outside the window offer no temptation from the pleasures of reading. Content and contemplative, there are always new places to visit, new adventures to imagine, and time (always time) to read, read, read. Reading makes a child invincible and invisible.

Transnlated from Spanish and accompanied by boldly colored, joyful worlds provided by this child's reading, this is a lovely book for bookworms, parents, and librarians. What a world! It is a lovely, fresh look at books and readers.

Give me a cozy, comfortable chair, a hot cup of tea and a string of 'pajama days', and I will be 'the reader.'

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