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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Stormy: a story about finding a forever home, by Guojing. schwartz & wade, Penguin Random House. 2019. $23.99 ages all ages

"A story about



                and trust"

So much can be said without a word being spoken. I do hope that you read Guojing's first book, The Only Child (Schwartz & Wade, 2015). If not, I hope that my telling you about this second one sends you out to find it. Both are full of patience and hope.

Friendship and love are at the heart of this tale that begins with a bedraggled pup finding shelter under a wooden bench. A young woman comes along and sits to read her paper; the dog runs off and watches from afar. The woman is calm, quiet, and encouraging in trying to have it come closer. It is not to be. Once gone, the dog returns to its safe place.

The woman reappears on another day, offering a ball to sniff and quiet company. The pup approaches, chases the ball as it is thrown, but remains apprehensive. The young woman goes, leaving the dog and the ball. She is persistent, always offering comfort, patience and attempting reciprocal play.

One day, the pup follows from a distance as she heads off. He watches her cheery apartment window and waits. A bone-jarring storm forces the dog to seek protection from the elements. The young woman rushes to the park to find him. She cannot find him. Concerned and downhearted, she goes back home where she sees the ball and discovers the pup nearby.

There is no need for words. The drama of this marvelous tale is told in stunning artwork that alternates between full and half spreads, varied graphic panels always perfectly lit. Perfection!                                                                           

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