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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Please Don't Eat Me, written and illustrated by Liz Climo. Little. Brown and Company. Hachette, 2019. $23.49 ages 3 and up

""Wait! I still need to eat you!
My friends will make fun of
me if I don't.

Oh, no. I am being eaten.
What a bummer. 

Okay, are we good now?

Oh, those guys weren't my

If you like to read books that are certain to make your listeners snort with laughter, you will be happy to have this one in your hands. It begins with a burrowing bunny who pops up in front of a much larger bear. The bunny has only one request: not to be eaten.

But, the bear is hungry and you know what that means. The bunny offers to order a pizza. Wanting the last slice is definitely not the way to avoid being supper for the bear, although it is fairly content with the meal. Dessert will make it perfect. The bunny has another solution. After sharing an ice cream soda, the bunny prepares again to take its leave.

It turns out it is not the end of the bunny's dilemma. Covered in bear spit and  bent on escape, he must now convince the bear that a four leaf clover is a better lucky charm than a rabbit's foot! The bear still has a bone to pick:

"Wait - are you
sure I shouldn't eat
you? I mean, you did
burrow through my
lawn earlier. That
was pretty rude.

For crying
out loud."

Posted warning signs for other bunnies, and returning the yard to its further glory certainly should be the end of it! It seems not.

Listeners will love the negotiating, the droll humor, the charming characters, and their ultimate solution to the problems faced. 

"Aw, nuts."

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