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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oink, written and illustrated by David Elliott. Gecko Press, Lerner. Thomas Allen & Son, 2019. $15.99 ages 2 and up




Pig is perfectly prepared for his bath. Arriving at the bathroom door with towel in hand and a big smile on his face, he quickly climbs into the tub. Relaxed and soaking, he is unprepared for a knock at the door; he is even more surprised with the arrival and raucous attitude of Sheep. His bath is clearly no longer his!

A further knock has both Pig and Sheep wondering. Oh, it's Cow. Cow and Sheep are very pleased with the bath. Pig is visibly annoyed - even more so when an errant beach ball belonging to Cow knocks him on the head. The final straw is Donkey, who arrives clad in a life preserver and fully prepared to join them. Is one tub big enough for four animals - and a toy boat, a beach ball and a life preserver?  I think not, and pig agrees. How can the bathroom possibly offer a peaceful oasis with all this hoopla?

It cannot. Pig has only one recourse. It will bring  giggles of delight, and is sure to result in similar attempts at humor by young bathers. The month of waiting to share it with my granddaughters will be endless. It will remain top of pile until they arrive! You don't want to miss it!

No words - only animal sounds. The warm, clever and expressive illustrations are perfect for portraying all that children need to understand in this wonderful story.

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