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Friday, March 1, 2019

Meet My Family! Animal Babies and Their Families. Written by Laura Purdie Salas and illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman. Millbrook Press, Thomas Allen & Son. 2018. $ 24.99 ages 4 and up

"I'm solo, day and night. 

When I hatched from my egg,
many other hatchlings crowded
the sandy beach. We hurried
toward the water and were
swept away in swirling waves.
Now I swim alone in the ocean.

green sea turtle hatchling"

Kids love to learn about animals, about babies, and about their families. The animals described in this book by the talented Laura Purdie Salas live throughout the world. Readers should have familiarity with most creatures chosen; some will be more familiar than others.

The design is efficient, allowing young readers to settle and take in all of the information provided. An introductory line is shown in bold face, and offers a hint about the animal presented. The text is clear, and concise. The families differ, as do the way the babies are raised. Each of the babies is described by the name they are called in a printed label on every spread.

Digital paintings, done in Photoshop, allow a close look at the habitat and the family itself.  It will interest young readers that the ways in which these baby animals are cared for have similarities within their own family. Adoption, same-sex parenting are a natural part of these animal groups. The concluding double page spread shows variety in human families:

"Every family's different -
each family is just right!
We live in every kind of
family you can think of!"

End matter includes a glossary , a world map with notes concerning where each animal lives, an author's note, and a list for further reading.

A worthwhile addition to a classroom library where nonfiction is an important focus.

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