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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Unlimited Squirrels in I Lost My Tooth! by Mo Willems. Hyperion Books for Children, Hachette. 2018. $13.99 ages 4 and up

"You should not let a tooth
go loose, Zoom Squirrel.

Teeth have no sense of 

You should have used a

You must be upset that
you lost your tooth."

We can only hope this is the beginning of a new series for all of those readers who have loved, and still love, the Piggy and Elephant books. Longer in length and in scope, this first (hopefully) book starring the Unlimited Squirrels will continue the learning that comes from books kids love. After a bit of research, I can confirm that it is a new series:

The Unlimited Squirrels series features a cast of squirrels, acorns and guests. The books will each include a funny adventure, jokes, quizzes, fun facts and more. 

Willems says in the announcement, "I'm excited about creating these new Unlimited Squirrels adventures with my longtime team at Hyperion Books for Children. I hope these books will resonate with young readers who love funny stories, interesting facts, silly jokes, and an overabundance of squirrels." 

His signature comedy, punny language, quick pace, and emotional telling will have fans, and new readers of his work, giggling and learning as they go. The table of contents, the chapter divisions, the color-coded speech bubbles, the description of the 'emote-acorns', and the silliness of the expressive and numerous squirrel characters all help readers learn about the workings of story. Combining an entertaining premise with actual facts about teeth, jokes, and short quizzes add to the appeal of the book itself.

Zoom Squirrel lisps while sharing the fact that he has lost his tooth. What a tooth is out there all alone? It is enough to send Zoom's many squirrel friends into a frenzy. They have a duty to help. Turns out that their mad search results in nothing but chaos, while Zoom methodically thinks through where he might have lost that tooth. Calm wins out. When the rest of the squirrels return in defeat, they cannot find Zoom. Imagine the continued chaos.

 Yes, that's what I am talking about with Mo Willems and his ability to strike new chords. Can't wait to share this in classrooms next week! Then, we will all wait patiently for the next adventure, won't we?

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