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Monday, November 19, 2018

Who Eats Orange, written by Dianne White and illustrated by Robin Page. Beach Lane, Simon & Schuster. 2018. $23.99 ages 3 and up

"Turkeys, too.

NO! Turkeys don't
eat red.

They eat ...


Who else eats yellow?"

Little ones love books that help them with new learning, and that provide a guessing game for them as they go. This entertaining book helps them with both of those interests. The pattern is set early with the question on the front cover.

"Who eats orange?
Bunnies in their hutches do.
Chickens in the henhouse too.
Who else eats orange?
Gorillas too. Gorillas?

Gorillas eat a different color when choosing their foods. And so the book goes. Providing 'food for thought' for the little ones who will share it. Soon, they will be reading along and letting others know all they have learned about colors, about animals who choose food by color, and about the foods themselves. Fun, indeed.

The animals chosen to answer the color question are diverse, and not always well known. This adds another level of learning. The Adobe Photoshop illustrations are boldly colored, realistic and  very
appealing. Their bright eyes invite close observation and give a playful feel to the book.

The final question involves the reader and the fact that they eat all colors when choosing their foods!

Back matter provides further information about the habitats visited, the animals presented and the foods they consume.


... Yellow-bellied marmots are
generally herbivores that like to
feed on the leaves and blossoms
of a variety of grasses and forbs,
such as alpine forget-me-nots,
which are some of the first flowers
to bloom on the tundra. They also
eat fruit, grains, and sometimes

Fun, and full of information.

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