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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Want To Play Trucks? Written by Ann Stott and illustrated by Bob Graham. Candlewick Press, Penguin Random House. 2018. $21.99 ages 3 and up

"Want to play trucks?"
asks Jack.

"Let's play dolls ...
that drive trucks,"
says Alex.

So Jack and Alex
play dolls that drive


As happens in real life, you don't have to love the same things to be friends. As happens so often with children, they easily accommodate how to navigate their differences ... especially when left to their own devices.

Ann Stott has written a simple, and important, story focusing on two children who play happily together by compromising and finding comfort in each other's company. Both have a love for toys that are very different. Their decision to assure both are incorporated into their play is heartwarming and a testament to the imagination. In the end, nothing matters more than a shared love for ice cream. Satisfied, and satisfying.

I must admit I got this book because I am such a fan of Bob Graham's work. He is able to make this lovely story even more so with his brilliantly detailed artwork. Every image plays an important role to the importance of the story being told. The gorgeous endpapers provide a perfect start - and finish. In between, he offers an autumn morning filled with action and life. It is a neighborhood brimming with activity, and people, and their pursuits.

The two have created a book worthy of sharing, and then rereading.       


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