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Monday, October 1, 2018

A seed is the start, by Melissa Stewart. National Geographic Kids, Penguin Random House. 2018. $23.99 ages 6 and up

"Seeds fly.
Dozens of seeds form inside
a milkweed seedpod. When the seeds are full-grown, the pod bursts open. Then the wind whisks the seeds away. How do milkweed pods fly through the air? Each seed has dozens of light, silky hairs."

What an invitation this beautiful cover provides! As the reader moves into the text, a list of words to know is presented: berry, burr, fruit, nut, seed, and seedpod. They will definitely help the target audience better understand the text to come.

Melissa Stewart begins by explaining in clear text, and with effective photography, what happens when a corn seed is planted. She goes on to explain where plants flourish and how the way they move assures new growth. She tells her readers that seeds have many ways of traveling - they fly, spin, glide, tumble, spill, splash, float, drift, pop, hop, creep, hook, cling, and ride inside and outside. The result of all that movement often provides a good spot for a seed to land. When it sprouts it becomes the plant it was meant to be!

"Seeds ride outside, too. 

When ants find a bloodroot seed, they
don't eat it. They pick it up and take if for a ride
Where are they headed? Back to their nest.
The ants share the tasty food packet on top
of the seed. Then they dump the seed in their
waste pile. That's good news for the seed. It's
surrounded by rich soil full of rotting material.
What a perfect place to grow!"

The photos are exceptional, the design perfect for young readers, and the information provided is thorough and educational, while also engaging. It is sure to be a hit!                                                                   

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