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Monday, September 24, 2018

The Grand Expedition, by Emma Adbage. Translated from Swedish by Annie Prime. Enchanted Lion Books, Publishers Group Canada. 2018. $23.95 ages 3 and up

"We find a good bag and pack
everything we need. A pocket
flashlight, a nature book, a toy
knife for each of us, and
something to snuggle with.
Iben takes a jump rope, too.

"In case we need a lasso!'

Now we just need treats."

Some kids love 'camping' in the backyard. Many anticipate such adventures with great delight. The children in this book are a prime example of that thinking. The narrator and sibling Iben have a plan, and are keen to share it with their father. It is to be a 'grand expedition.'

When it comes to sustenance, the cupboards are empty. Dad suggests pickles. The two are gobsmacked. They need treats. Dad is not helpful. Off they go as Dad waves goodbye and they head toward the perfect spot in the backyard. They spend their time doing just what they want to do. A flashlight helps create ambiance, but does nothing to assuage the discontent when the pickles are consumed and the nursery rhymes have run out. Boredom sets in, as well as discomfort. A mosquito is the final straw. They head inside. It's the end of a longed-for adventure and the beginning of a peaceful night. 

The winsome illustrations are perfect, adding small details that are oh, so charming. Before your kids embark on their next camping adventure, read this book and then send it out with them.                                                                             

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