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Friday, September 7, 2018

Good Rosie! Written by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Harry Bliss. Candlewick Press, Penguin Random House. 2018. $21.99 ages 4 and up

"Uh," Maurice says to Fifi,
"do you want to play?"

"Me?" says Fifi.

Maurice wags his tail.
Maurice crouches.
Maurice pounces.
Maurice picks up Fifi and
shakes her like a stuffed

Kate DiCamillo has always written books with heart and humor. Here, she continues to do so.

Rosie has much to learn when her world expands. She and her owner, George, live a happy life together. It is not terribly exciting, nor is it expansive. They live quietly and well. Rosie doesn't know she is lonely until she sees her reflection in her dog bowl. To appease the loneliness and isolation, George is happy to take Rosie for a daily constitutional.

Rosie enjoys the time outside with George. She manages small forays away from him. She likes to chase squirrels and run fast, and look at the clouds. It does not make her less lonely for canine companionship. Perhaps a visit to the dog park will make a difference. Rosie is a tad doubtful when she sees so many strange dogs. A St. Bernard named Maurice is willing to take the first step. Rosie is not impressed.

"Rosie is not a bad dog.
She is a good dog.
But she can't help it.
She doesn't like Maurice.
Or his bunny."

She wants to go home. Before they can exit the park,  Fifi bounds up. She exudes energy, and excitement over meeting new friends. Rosie does not warm to either dog. When Maurice treats Fifi like a toy to be tossed about, Rosie reacts. It's the beginning of a brand new way of life for all three.

So quietly told, and with just the right touch of humor, this is a story that children will love! Harry Bliss conveys personality and humor in ever changing perspectives. Just perfect!                                                     

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