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Friday, August 17, 2018

Run Wild, written and illustrated by David Covell. Viking, Penguin Random House. 2018. $23.99 ages 3 and up

"Squeaky clean?
Who cares about that?


Meet a beetle.
Talk to worms."

What a challenge this book presents for young adventurers and their relationship with the natural world! David Covell celebrates the magic that is the world around us, encouraging his young readers to get out and glory in the warmth of the sun, the clean air, the joy of cool breezes rushing past, a quickly passing storm, and the delight of dirt and mud. There is so much to do, and he inspires trying it all.

The boy on the first page, in his black and white world of technology, finds the outdoors to be freeing and happy as soon as he opens the door to it. The blue sky gives the boost needed to explore all facets of play in nature. David Covell's enlightening text wills children to race the wind, jump in a mud puddle, greet beetles and talk to worms. What joy they will find in following his directions! It's all about getting out there and exploring ... all day long.

"Run. Run. 
Wild. Wild. 
All day long,
the sun's gonna

Are you brave?
Come on, explore ... "

I've read it aloud a number of times, and can't wait to share it with someone. The gorgeous watercolor artwork and handwritten font are as carefree as the lively text; the colorful spreads are filled with natural images that entice and energize kids to get out there and explore.

It is a day of wonder ... one that children will not regret or forget. Hopefully, many who share this book will be encouraged to talk about their wondrous summer days spent at the lake, in parks, or wherever they found great joy. Out of breath, and basking in the happiness the two find in their day of play ... isn't that we want for all kids?

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