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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Junior Maker, edited by Sally Beets. DK. 2018. $18.99 ages 6 and up

"Liquid layers

Did you know you
can stack liquids on
top of each other?
It might look like
magic, but it's because
of something called
"density." Let's put
it to the test!"

A list of what is needed includes honey, milk, liquid dish soap, water (with added food coloring), and oil. Additional to the liquids are a tall glass and a variety of small objects as a screw, a ping pong ball, a Lego block ... use your imagination in selecting objects of different sizes and weights. An explanation for how density works, and a second experiment fills the double page spread for this particular experiment included in the "Let's learn about ... Science" section of this informative and interactive book.

Other sections included in the Table of Contents include space, nature, history, and animals. Templates for 'two of the trickier projects' are found at the back of the book,  as well as an index. As is true in all DK activity books, the editors include step by step instructions for completing the various projects, a list of materials needed, and short bits of information concerning the topic presented.

A lot of fun and learning for kids looking for things to do this summer. Most kids in Canada finish another school year today. Parents and day-care providers will be looking for experiences that entertain while they also teach. This book is perfect for that.

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