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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Grains of Sand, by Sibylle Delacroix. Translated by Karen Li. Owlkids, 2018. $18.95 ages 3 and up

"Let's see ... "

"Maybe a field
of beach umbrellas
to wave hello to the

"Or a forest of
to fill the sails of
a boat."

For the two young siblings in this book, summer vacation has ended ... just when so many are embarking on a yearly visit to sand and sea and others are dreaming June away in hopes that a trip to the lake will be one of their first adventures of the upcoming summer holiday.

As they settle back in at home, the two feel the weight of the return. They feel blue. The little girl notices that her sandals are filled with sand. Her imagination soars as she decides that she will NOT just throw it away. It's her idea to plant those grains, and see what they could become right in front of their eyes. It is a perfect distraction from the feelings of sadness and loss they are feeling.

Golden umbrellas and pinwheels, a field of lemon ice cream cones, a strong castle and perhaps their own beach. The possibilities are endless, and fill the children's time until a gentle, loving father scoops them from their reverie and takes them inside to bed. A promise is made for the future, and all is well.

The artwork is rendered, for the most part, in black and white. The touches of blue and the profusion of golden yellow add charm to the flights of fancy. This is a quiet and gentle story; an imaginary adventure that speaks to the love the children feel for a treasured time shared with family. Kids will want to have it read on numerous evenings before bed, and you won't mind at all.

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