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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Summer Color, written by Diana Murray and illustrated by Zoe Persico. Little Brown and Company, Hachette. 2018. $23.49 ages 4 and up

"The wind starts to stir.
A few drops pitter-patter,
and critters that creep in
the grass quickly scatter.
Rain batters down on the
blustery scene,
as cardinals fly into
treetops so green."

The family has gathered to have a cool drink together on a warm summer day. Two children can't ignore the allure of summer freedom and are off to explore the countryside. Away from the yard, down the path past the well, and through the meadow they run. Realizing they are a distance from home when a storm blows up, they must make a mad dash for  safety. As they go, they continue to take note of their beautiful natural surroundings - a creek, a waterfall, the nearby lake and the meadow.

"Our soggy shoes squeak when we race through the door.
We crowd by the window and watch the rain pour."

I like the way the author weaves common colors through the entirety of her verse. The pace picks up  quickly as the children notice the dark gray clouds and run home, in contrast to the drowsy and relaxed pace at the beginning while the family enjoys refreshment in the summer heat. Readers will enjoy the setting, and the day's action, noting the many affable details included in Zoe Persico's lively digital artwork.

It will strike an agreeable note with little ones as they enjoy the rhyme and rhythm of the text, and their introduction to the colors in this wondrous world.

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