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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I Love My Purse, written by Belle Demont and illustrated by Sonja Wimmer. Annick Press, 2017. $21.95 ages 5 and up

"Hold on, wait a second," said Charlotte, who sat next to him. "Why are you wearing a purse?" "'Cause I want to," said Charlie. "But you're a boy! Boys carry worms in their pockets and toads in their backpacks, not bright red purses!" said Charlotte. "But I love my purse," said Charlie."

Charlie has a purse from his grandmother. It is red and lovely. With its strong handles and wealth of space, Charlie can carry as much as he wants to carry. He loves his purse. No longer will it sit in the closet.

His father tries to dissuade him from taking it to school with the argument that boys don't carry purses. Charlie does! His friend Charlotte has much the same attitude. Charlie listens to her opinion, reiterating that he loves his purse. Older boys also have something to say, but Charlie sticks to carrying the purse he loves. Even the crossing guard notices. Turns out he loves the purse, too - and his own sparkly shoes.

Charlie is just fine with his decision to take his purse to school every day. Those who wonder about his choice voice their opinions, and Charlie listens. But, he loves his purse and that makes carrying it easy for him. I really appreciate the way Charlie's determination inspires his father, his friend Charlotte, the older boy Sam, and the crossing guard to make a changes that make them happier.

"Charlie wore his purse
every day that week. On
Friday he went downstairs
for breakfast and found his
dad flipping flapjacks in the
kitchen. He was wearing his
favorite Hawaiian shirt.

"Hold on, wait a second, Why aren't you
wearing your suit, Dad?" asked Charlie.

"I love this shirt. The world needs to see it!"
proclaimed his dad.

"You don't think your boss is gonna get mad?"
asked Charlie.

"Only thing he could get mad about is not
owning this sweet shirt!" said Charlie's dad."

Bazinga!  Kudos to Charlie for his non-conformist ways. We could all take a lesson, and teach a lesson by sharing this book with our kids.                                                                         

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