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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Big Hid, written and illustrated by Roison Swales. Flying Eye Books, Publihsers Group Canada. 2017. $21.99 ages 3 and up

"They dress up.
And they have races.

But one day, something
Big didn't want to climb
or chew.
He didn't want to do

We all have those days. Things just don't matter! It's hard to put a happy face to the world, and to push forward to a new day. For whatever reason, they happen.

Big and Little are a team - a great team. Despite their differences, they find ways to have fun together. Little, a squirrel, loves climbing. With the help of a rope and his good friend, Big, the tortoise, can partake of a climbing adventure as well. While Little noshes on cake, Big chomps leaves. They like dressing up, and they love racing with others. Every day is fun and games.

Until it is not. A day comes when Big tucks inside his shell, and doesn't come out. He wants to be alone, and that feeling lasts. Little is worried about Big, and does whatever seems right to help him come out of hiding. A cake doesn't work; nor does anything else Little tries. Little is confused and very concerned. In trying to console himself and help his friend, he gives Big a gentle hug. The understanding and support of a true friend goes a long way.

It seems that, for today, that is exactly what Big needs.

In her debut picture book, Roison Swales helps little ones begin to understand the dynamics of friendship and compassion. Her artwork adds joy to everyday activities, and concern for a friend through facial expression and color. A pleasure to share and perfect for early readers to explore on their own.

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