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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hooray for Books! Words and pictures by Brian Won. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Raincoast. 2017. $23.99 ages 2 and up

"But Zebra did not have
Turtle's book anymore.
"Why don't you read these
two favorites of mine?"
said Zebra.
"They are about unicorns!"
But Turtle said,
Maybe you shared it
with ... "

When Sicily was here last, we read Hooray for Today (HMH, 2016) every night before bed. It gave us a chance to talk about friends, about bedtime, and just for pure enjoyment and love of familiar characters.

Receiving a copy of this new book brought a smile to my face. The six good friends are back; this time, they are on a mission to help Turtle find his favorite book. After looking high and low at home, he heads out thinking he must have shared it with Zebra. He is so excited, he shouts 'HOORAY FOR BOOKS!' and is off to get it back from his striped friend. No luck. Zebra does not have it. But, as any good friend would, offers two books about unicorns for Turtle to read. Turtle will not be deterred.

Off he goes, hoping that Owl will have it. The same scene plays out in the same way with Owl. Then again with Giraffe. Each time, Turtle is sure he has solved the mystery of the missing book. Each time, he is stymied in his search. With his friends and their growing collection of books to be read following closely behind, Turtle arrives at Elephant's house. Nope! Lion is his last resort .... luckily!!

It's at the bottom of Lion's pile. Tugging it free, Turtle is off to a peaceful place for quiet enjoyment. As he reads, so do his friends. Turtle is drawn back to their circle, now willing to share his book once again.

"Then Turtle heard Elephant say,
"My book is so funny!"
Zebra said, "This book is so sad."
Owl said, "Giraffe, you should read this story!"
Lion added, "I bet Turtle would love this one."

The repetitive nature of the story and the detailed digital artwork are cause for a close look. The endpapers and final vertical spread will delight.

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