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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Chirri & Chirra: The Snowy Day, by Kaya Doi. Translated freom the Japanese by Yuki Kaneko. Enchanted Lion Books, Publishers Group Canada, 2017. $22.95 ages 4 and up

"Chirri and Chirra
discover a door made
of ice and go inside.
There are all sorts of
cups on the wall.
Chirri and Chirra are
served hot fruit punch
with apples and cinnamon."

Chirri and Chirra are back, and I am pleased to see them again. In this third book about the young Japanese girls, they are overjoyed to spend their day on a journey through the white world of winter. As with the first two, the story is told with charm and quiet assurance. Indeed, it is a magical day!

Setting out of their bikes, they explore their new world. There are many animals to meet, and much to see as they happily visit with all. As they peddle along, the snow covers their environs. They make many discoveries, each of which is described clearly and in relevant detail. Through her writing, Ms. Doi provides references for the senses, allowing the girls to experience this world with warmth and great pleasure.

It makes the book a most enjoyable experience. Its size and light, sensitive illustrations make it most appropriate for close reading one-on-one, and a chance to take time to enjoy every drawing and nuance of the story told.

"They come to a great hall.
Everyone is doing all kinds of things."

Sit back and check out each fine detail for young listeners. There is much to see and to discuss. It makes for a warm, homey, comfortable feeling all the way through to the end. They will love the igloo, the caring for the animals in the cold, and the feelings of safety that are explored.

Perfect at bedtime on these cold, snowy days.


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