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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Professional Crocodile, by Giovanna Zoboli and Mariachiara Di Gioggio. Chronicle, Raincoast. 2017. $24.99 ages 5 and up

"Every morning he gets up
with an alarm. He brushes his
teeth, chooses the right tie to
match his outfit, eats a quick
slice of toast, and heads off to
work on a crowded train. But
what is his job?

I love this wordless book! As a reader and watcher, we are alongside Crocodile as he wakens to a new day, and prepares himself for what is to come. Once dressed and breakfasted, he makes his way from home to work. It is quite the engaging and impressive journey.

There are stops along the way, and a subway ride that is quite trying. Finally arriving at his stop, he climbs the steps to the city street, pauses to make a few purchases and continues on. Street sounds, smells, and connections are carefully considered as he makes his way along the busy street, through a courtyard, then a gate and along a park path. Young ones and those who share this wonderful book with them will be delighted with its surprise ending. I guarantee it! Nothing prepares you for it. He is quite the professional.

The details will keep readers talking and watching and responding to the many scenes as they unfold along the way. While mostly surrounded by people, he also experiences many little surprises, humorous bits, and familiar surroundings. If you are VERY observant you will note characters who appear more than once, and many other details meant to delight and entertain. Once shared, young ones will want to take it in hand and tell their own story. Sure to be on your reread list!  You will enjoy it every time it is shared, and find something new.

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