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Sunday, October 15, 2017

How To Make Friends With A Ghost, written and illustrated by Rebecca Green. Tundra, Random House. 2017. $21.99 ages 4 and up

"Once the ghost knows you
are friendly, it will most likely follow you.
Welcome the ghost into your home. If it is reluctant, a simple blow will get the ghost inside.
Warning: Never ever put your hand through a ghost. It can cause a serious tummy ache."

It is not a certainty in life that you WILL meet a ghost. No one is ever sure that it will happen. However, it might! If it does, you want to be prepared. That is the premise of this debut book by Rebecca Green. Her contention is that, should you be lucky enough to come face to friendly face with such a spirit, you should know what to do.

She does her best to assure your success. In a step-by-step handbook, she offers up her advice for making the best of a very rare occurrence. She begins with an introduction, telling her audience that few people will ever meet a ghost:

"A ghost is nearly impossible to find.
You can look till your face turns blue.
But if you're a person who is sweet, warm, and kind,
a ghost may come out and find you."

Wouldn't that be something? Ms. Green follows up with Ghost Basics, Ghost Care, and Growing Together. Each section offers helpful tips in a well-laid out plan for maintaining your ghost's health, happiness and friendship throughout the many years you may spend together.

"Then your friendship will last
for it knows no bounds -
you'll be friends even after the end."

Written in hand-lettered text, with images created in gouache and colored pencil and edited digitally, it is a book that will appeal at any time of year. I was always on the lookout for picture books to help young writers develop skill in nonfiction writing. They were not always easy to find. This book will work brilliantly. Told with humor and imagination, it will find fans in every library and classroom.

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