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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Whose Moon Is That? Written and illustrated by Kim Krans. Random House, 2017. $23.99 ages 3 and up

"The tree is wrong,"
said the bird with a song.

"The moon belongs to me."

"I found it first!"
said the bear in a burst.
"And I don't like to share."

"Is this a joke?"
The mountain spoke."

The moon was definitely in the news last month. In the past few days, it deserves our attention once again. I love looking out and thinking that my family and friends are seeing the same harvest moon that I am seeing. It is quite beautiful.

I had never considered that animals and the earth itself might be looking upon it with slight avarice. But, each mentioned in this lovely book from Kim Krans seems to think that the moon belongs only to them. The cat starts it, wondering just who might claim ownership of the sparkling orb so evident in the night sky. The tree is fast to respond, and the bird is quick to dismiss the claim, and make the same claim itself. And on it goes, until the many entranced by its wonder add a similar assertion.

The moon has the final word.

When darkness falls,
I'm a light for all.
Yet no one owns my glow.

If you fight all night
over wrong or right,
you'll miss the mystery."


Rhyming, gentle text makes this a perfect story to share at bedtime. As in previous books, Kim Krans uses bursts of color, and contrasting black and white to attract attention. The moon shines out in bold white, touched with black dots and illuminating everything it touches. Gorgeous!

Despite this new learning for the cat, there is another question at sunrise.

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