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Saturday, September 2, 2017

My Amazing Body Machine, by Robert Winston with illustrations by Owen Gildersleeve. DK Canada. 2017. $25.99 ages 10 and up

"When you sleep, your breathing and heart rate slow down. At first you go into a deep sleep, and it is difficult to wake up. Then you pass into dreaming sleep, when your brain is busier and you dream. These stages of sleep happen several times each night ... Your eyelids close, and your eyes do not move much, except during dreaming sleep."

Nonfiction books from DK are always so wonderfully designed for the children meant to be their readers. The format is clear, and makes perfect sense even when the amount of information shared means there is a lot for young readers to grasp.

In Robert Winston's clear description of each of our body parts, he provides a guide that shows how the body machine works.

"It takes trillions and trillions of tiny living parts, called cells, to build just one amazing body machine. Guided by detailed instructions, these cells are organized into bigger parts that work together to make you, a unique human being."

We are invited to visit every part of the body to see how it works on its own, and how one part connects to another part. Included are text boxes filled with facts, captioned photos and illustrations to enhance understanding, thus making it easier for readers to take in all the information provided before turning to a new page. The illustrations are terrific, using cut paper images that give each a dimensional feel.

It is a special journey and will be much appreciated by readers wanting to know more about their own bodies, and how they work. He misses nothing, and we are the lucky recipients of his research and skillful writing. This is just another perfect example of the commitment DK Publishers have to their audience and to learning.

"The most important part of your brain
is the cerebrum, in particular, its thin,
wrinkly outer layer. Here, billions of
nerve cells linked by trillions of
connections make your body work,
and make you, you!"
Be sure to check out their thoroughly entertaining and enlightening where you will find more information than you ever thought you needed to know.

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