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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I Spy 123, text by Ulrike Sauerhofer and images by Manuela Ancutici. Firefly Books, 2017. $14.95 ages 6 and up

"Can you see what I see?

There are three hidden
soccer balls.
But it's much harder
to find the giraffe-
patterned rubber ball.

Look for three hearts and
a ball that sticks out its
tongue! Spiderman's face is hiding here ... "

Oh, my! This book is an eye-catching and quite astonishing look at the numbers from 1 to 20. Each of its pages provides a series of questions to accompany the presentation of the number and the many intricate images placed on its shape. The questions are meant to encourage a very careful look. The numerals are filled with items that are organized by theme, and often color as well.

Searchers will find familiar images, as well as many new ones. '1' is currency. '2' is shoes. '8' is mostly red. Starting with '11' the spreads move to double pages, and more detective work as the questions require looking carefully at both numbers. I loved the faces that make up '12'! There is so much to look at, and to discuss.


Can you see what I can see?
Seven burgers are well hidden.
Now we'll go on a scavenger hunt.
There's no telling what you'll find!

Five fried eggs, how nice and tasty
and two oranges must be found.
Two candy canes are needed and
two chili peppers, devilishly hot.

Five green mice quickly disappear
so the two cats cannot find them.
Then look carefully and you'll
see two worms and five tennis balls."

I did find the candy canes pretty quickly!

Be prepared for a long sit. Finding the answers to the posed questions is not always easy, but totally addictive.

Yes, the answers are provided. Even those take careful consideration. Good luck!

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