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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Green Pants, written and illustrated by Kenneth Kraegel. Candlewick Press, Random House. 2017. $22.00 ages 3 and up

"Sometimes people tried to get Jameson to wear pants of a different color. But one way or another, Jameson made sure they didn't end up in his closet. One day Jameson's cousin Armando came by with his fiancée, Jo. Jo had the nicest smile Jameson had ever seen, and her eyes seemed to sparkle like the autumn sun shining upon a running river."

I think you know how Jameson will respond when asked to be in Armando and Jo's wedding party. It's not hard for him to reply with a resounding yes to Jo's request while looking into her bright eyes. Remember though - he loves his green pants. In them, he can do anything, and he never wants to take them off.
The day after agreeing, Jameson's mother asks him to be sure it is what he wants to do. She explains  it is an important day that will mean a lot of standing around, and that will require plentiful smiles and good manners. Jameson has no problem with any of that. There is one more thing, however.

"And one more thing," his mother said slowly.
"Okay." Jameson nodded. "No problem!"
"Jameson, the tuxedo will be black."
"WHAT?' Jameson gasped. "BLACK pants?
BLACK? Are you sure?"

Oh, boy! Looks like there might be a problem.

The preparations move forward ... finally, it's the wedding day. How will he decide what he should do? It's a very difficult decision, left to Jameson. Will Jo's spirited welcome make it any easier? You betcha!

This is an appealing readaloud sure to be enjoyed by children, their parents and their teachers. We all know, or have known, someone like Jameson. Hopefully, we also honor a penchant for green pants and personal choice.

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