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Monday, June 5, 2017

Forest Life and Woodland Creatures, edited by Violet Peto. DK Canada. 2017. $10.99 ages 7 and up

"The cleanup crew

Slithery bugs and slugs
clean up by eating dead
leaves and wood from the
forest floor.

Without them, forests
would be piled high
with dead plant life!"

As I did a while ago, I thought I would add a second book to today's post. It also explores forest life by introducing young readers to the habitat through a number of activities meant to up their understanding. Filled with factual information, clear illustrations and photographs, and designed to be accessible and useful, it is a great complement to Maria Dek's A Walk in the Forest.

The activities are meant to encourage kids to try their hand at a variety of projects. For each, a list of needs is followed by a numbered process that leads to the completion of the piece of planned work. Make leafy bugs, plate nests, berry ice pops, a pinecone owl, and a bear mask.

Facts presented give kids a chance to learn about the forest itself, the creatures that live there, the growth from seed to adult tree, the refuge a tree provides, the food the forest furnishes for its many inhabitants, the bugs and insects that make their homes on the forest floor, and other forest creatures whose presence is felt during the day or at night.

Another DK book that is sure to inform, encourage and help kids get involved in the world that is theirs to explore.

Search for 'forest' and you will get 20 results sure to lead to enhanced learning.

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