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Monday, May 22, 2017

Wake Up! By Helen Frost and Rick Lieder. Candlewick Press, Random House. 2017. $22.00 all ages

"That might be an ant -

but look -

it flies!

At the edge of the pond,
where frogs croak and kiss,
look into the water -
what is this?"

In their fourth book together, Helen Frost and Rick Lieder turn to the little ones - the young and awesome. It is a fabulous invitation to our own young ones to get outside and see what's there. The remarkable photographs and lively text encourage careful attention, and a whole lot of wonder!

What an exploration they offer from the comfort of our chairs! Just imagine what else might be out there for our pleasure and observation. There are familiar babies here - and they are close enough that we can really concentrate on everything that is so special about them. If you get outside to see them, you will be adding the sounds, the smells, and the beauty of capturing nature through our own lenses and senses.

Mr. Lieder catches a tadpole as it ascends through water, a fawn in sunny repose, a cygnet finding its way into the world, a hungry baby bird awaiting sustenance. The sunlight and shadows cast are captured beautifully.

Ah, spring ... you bring such marvels.

For readers wanting just a bit more, end matter provides thumbnails of each glorious photograph and names their subject, with just a touch of added interest.

"White-tailed deer babies, called
fawns, have white spots, which
makes them harder to see in the
dappled sunlight on a forest floor."                                                   

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