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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Pictures After the Storm, by Eric Veille. Translated by Daniel Hahn. Gecko Press, Thomas Allen & Son. @017. $26.99 ages 5 and up





boiled spinach


And after lunch, those pictures take on a completely new look and meaning.

In this before and after look at variety in situations, Eric Veille draws cartoons on facing pages, meant to show the changes that can occur when something takes place. Before lunch, and after lunch. Before the baby and after the baby. Before the storm, and after the storm. Each view is full of fun and surprise and causes those sharing it to stop for a moment and take a closer look at what they are actually seeing.

A storm wreaks chaos and even embarrassment. An elephant changes the landscape in mere seconds. Lunch occasions changes in what is meant to be part of it ... well, not for every single thing. A swim not only changes the child's demeanor, but results in a big mess of soggy togs.

It looks like a book geared toward little ones. There is much more to consider here. The contrast from one page to another will cause readers to giggle, and think on what has caused the changes wrought. The language is rich and enlightening, the expressions droll, and the imagination extended to new heights.

Your kids, no matter their ages, will want to share it again, and you won't mind that a bit. You will share many happy moments as you find new things to tickle your fancy each time you sit down to have another look. Mischievous and very clever, this is a book for the 'keepers' shelf.

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