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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ballet Cat: What's Your Favorite Favorite? by Bob Shea. Disney Hyperion, Hachette. 2017. $10.99 ages 3 and up

"Ballet and magic are both
her favorite.

Well, today, magic is going
to be Grandma's ...

FAVORITE favorite!


Want to see a trick?"

Two very special friends are back in the limelight again. Ballet Cat and Goat both have impressing Grandma in mind when they decide that they will dazzle her with a special showing of their formidable talents. Ballet Cat has been considering her many wondrous moves. Should she twirl, leap, jump? How should be put such brilliant moves together for a splendid show? Her ballet show will be most impressive.

Goat is not on hand to see her fancy footwork. Rather, he is preparing a show of his own - magic. Both are sure that Grandma will be most impressed, as each is convinced that what they are doing is sure to be Grandma's favorite. Ballet Cat knows both to be favorites of hers. Goat will not be deterred. He is quite convinced that today's magic with be her FAVORITE favorite. Ballet Cat is a tad put off, until she can't stand to miss the magic.

Goat's magic does leave something to be desired. He asks to see the ballet, and is quick to realize that Ballet Cat is very good at what she does. The stakes get higher. Finally, it's time for the show! They carefully prepare Grandma for the promised entertainment. Grandma's response is classic!

Once she is awake again, and facing pressure to choose 'the best', she has the most perfect idea. It serves as an ideal solution to the dilemma. Kids who love this series of adventures will only love it more when they come to the end. Surely, we will meet them again soon!

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