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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wolfie and Fly, written by Cary Fagan with illustrations by Zoe Si. Tundra Books, 2017. $19.99 ages 6 and up

"Renata liked to make things.
She was good at it. And she liked
making them by herself. That way
she didn't have to "cooperate" with
others, the way adults always
insisted. She didn't have to
"compromise" or "respect other
people's opinions." She could do
things just the way she wanted.
"I like my own opinions, thank
you very much ... "

I'm going to go on a roll today and tell you about the five early years novels I have read this week. Each is individual, perfect for those wanting badly to read a chapter book, and full of fun, action and terrific characters. How lucky are we that spring lists make them available to our young readers!

First up is this book penned by the productive and inventive Cary Fagan.

Renata Wolfman is a force unto herself. She likes being alone, has particular interests, and is not at all keen on being friends with the neighbor boy. Livingston Flott - or anyone else for that matter. On a day when she is left to her own devices, she hauls a refrigerator box up from the basement and, with
her creative juices flowing, manages to fashion a submarine that gives her pleasure. In fact, for a fleeting moment, she thinks she might want to share it with someone. That might, however, mean having a friend and Wolfie has absolutely no need for such a thing.

Enter Livingston! He is on the run from his big brother and needs a safe haven. Fly (as he is called for his annoying tendencies and his constant movement) manages to bring his creative bent to the ever-so-proper Wolfie and impact her own sense of adventure. Together, they enjoy an afternoon of imagined exploration aboard her spectacular new creation. There are some twists and a great deal of fun as the two also explore the beginnings of a new friendship. I will look forward to the next installment, as will new fans of Wolfie and Fly.

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