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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mighty Mighty Construction Site, by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld. Chronicle Books, Raincoast. 2017. $23.99 ages 2 and up

"Skid Steer's nimble,
small, and quick.
She turns,
she spins -
she does a trick!
Bulldozer's heavy,
wide, and grand.
He'll push and plow
to clear the land ...
but even he can use a hand!"

Is there someone in your life who just loves to meet up with the mail carrier every day? My granddaughter Sicily, who is two and a half, has always loved having a visit with the carrier, and then bringing in the mail. So when I told her last night about a new package of books, she wanted to know all about them. She loves Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site (Chronicle, 2011) and was pretty excited to learn that she would be meeting those favorite vehicles again the next time she comes for a visit. I promised I would put it away in her book cupboard! But first, I want to tell you about it.

They get an early start, and have the plans at the ready. It's a big building - and there are only five of them. Can they do it alone? Cement Mixer doesn't think so. He calls in a larger team.

"Mighty trucks all hear the call -
they start up in no time at all!
Out on the road, they drive full steam.
They rush right in to join the team."

They are ten of them now - double the power to get the job done!

Ms. Rinker is quick to share just what each vehicle brings to the mix. Her rhyming text keeps the action going and Tom Lichtenheld uses lively, earth-toned oil pastels to create detailed spreads showing the work at hand and the joy with which each of the vehicles contributes to the overall results.

"Just like the plan - the job's complete!
This awesome team just can't be beat.
Cooperation got it done;
teamwork made it fast - and fun!"

She's going to love it! And, I am going to love sharing it with her, and her little sister.

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