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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Big Girl, written and illustrated by Claire Keane. Dial Books for Young Readers, Penguin. 2016. $23.99 ages 2 and up

"Matisse went to
big places,
and saw big things.

She used her little
hands to make big

There was nothing
Matisse could not do."

Sicily, who is a big sister, asked me most days to read this book to her. She, like Matisse, still needs a car seat, loves to read books on her own, brushes her own teeth, and chooses what she will wear for the day (or for the first hour of the day!). She would dearly love to carry her little sister around with her - she cannot. She is too small, and Chelsea is growing quickly. She can teach her new tricks ... and does so with some delight.

When we first shared this delightful book about a 'little big girl', she was surprised to see she is like Matisse in many ways. I am not even sure she noticed that the baby was a brother. She did notice that Matisse likes to build large pillow piles and dive into them with gusto. We have a few videos of Sicily doing exactly the same thing ... all running and jumping ending with a resounding BOOF!

They both wear a cape, and exhibit super heroine powers. They have a doctor kit, and take cat naps. They love their babies and are duly impressed with every little thing they can do. They share kisses, help with diapers and choose clothes from a wide selection for the baby. They are caring, sharing teachers who help their siblings learn about the world that surrounds them.

Claire Keane has some pretty amazing illustrative 'chops'; her grandfather is Bil Keane, beloved creator of Family Circus. She shares his eye for the details that are life within a family and his sense of humor as she shows the many small moments that happen each and every day when you have a big and little in the house.     

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