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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Polka Dots for Poppy, written and illustrated by Amy Schwartz. Holiday House, Thomas Allen & Son, 2016. $26.50 ages 4 and up

"All night the girls dreamed
of princessy princesses,
of puffed purple sleeves,
of horses named Trigger
and of Polka Dots!
The next morning, bright
and early, Mama and the
girls left for the mall. When
Cinderella Shoes opened, they
were the first ones inside. "Pink
jellies!" Ava said."

It's time to give up the joys of summer freedom and return to school. For Mama and her four daughters that means some back-to-school shopping. Each of the girls has her own distinct style. They know what they want and they hope to find it. Poppy, the youngest, has only one wish - polka dots!

They go to sleep dreaming of their favorite things. A trip to the shoe store is the morning's first order of business. Ava gets pink jellies, Isabelle gets purple sneakers with socks to match. Charlie Ann finds cowboy boots. Just what they wanted. Polka dots? No luck.

Next stop is for clothing. Ava loves the 'princess dress with the pink princess sash'. Isabelle finds a 'purple dress with twelve purple buttons'. Charlie Ann adores the 'cowboy vest with long cowboy fringes'. Polka Dots? There are none ...

No cajoling helps deter Poppy from her love of polka dots. She goes home empty-handed, while her sisters return content and pleased with their purchases. That evening, as the girls prepare for bed and their first day, Poppy is first to sleep. Her loving sisters quietly get to work to create the most wonderful morning surprise for their little sister!

Whimsical and light-hearted, this is an inspired story of family love and concern for all members.

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