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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Owl Sees Owl, written by Laura Godwin and illustrated by Rob Dunleavy. Schwartz & Wade, Random House. 2016. $23.99 ages 2 and up







It's Owl's first independent adventure ... and a lovely one it is. He sets out on his own, in tune to the beauty around him and the joy to be found in being by himself. Each double page spread consists of a four word poem that describes every stage of his foray into the deep dark of the nighttime forest. He leaves his family behind as he makes his way to the end of a branch - and takes flight.  Noticing the fall colors that enhance the beauty of the night and the glimmers of light and movement evident around him, he flies on.

When he finally finds a spot to land, he is frightened at the sight of another owl. This one he sees in reflection on the water below him. "Owl sees owl".

Thus, at the center of the book, he begins a new journey - it is the exactly backward to the one just completed, and the text is the same. Laura Godwin uses a reverso poem, turning each set of four words on their ear to tell her readers about the little owl's flight back to the safety of his treetop nest. Simply lovely!

Rob Dunleavy uses mixed media and careful color choice to create the soothing scenes that bring a sense of calm. Readers will experience it when sharing this story they will soon be reading on their own. The night sky is star-filled and edged with light. Try it at bedtime - you won't mind reading it again and again.

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