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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One Day on Our Blue Planet ... In the Savannah. Written and illustrated by Ella Bailey. Flying Eye Books, Publishers Group Canada. 2015. 24.95 ages 3 and up

"Adult lions are very good at relaxing, and can spend most of their day sleeping, but this little cub is best at playing! He loves nothing more than hunting and growling and stalking and chasing. The sun begins to set and the air grows cooler."

This is the first in a series of books about the natural world. Sharing them offers young readers a chance to see the animals as they live and thrive in their natural spaces.

The front endpapers are the perfect invitation to spend a day in the savannah. Labelled animals spread from one side to the other, allowing a chance to talk about those that are familiar to readers, and perhaps some that are not. These animals are the species one might see should they visit in the daytime. Kids will be quick to turn to the back to see if there are more. This time, they are met with images of the many animals to be seen at night. Are they the same? I will leave it to you for check it for yourself.

In the pages in between, we follow a lioness and her cub as they explore their surroundings in the early morning, emerging from their 'secret den' into African sunshine. We learn a bit about the family of lions called a pride, the animals that find sustenance and life there. While parents sleep, the cub explores and plays.

As day begins to give way to evening, his mother rounds up her family, and begins the hunt for prey. The sun is setting, the savannah settles and the older lions keep watch for their next meal. The tiny cub, satiated with his mother's milk, finds a place to rest. He will wake tomorrow ready for more adventure.

The warm illustrations are rich with life, and showcase the variety that makes the savannah a dynamic, colorful environment. Designed to hold attention and encourage talk, this is a book that is sure to appeal to all those who love seeing animals in their home environment.

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