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Friday, January 27, 2017

Duck on a Tractor, written and illustrated by David Shannon. Scholastic, 2016. $22.99 ages 4 and up

"B-a-a-a!" said Sheep. But what she thought was, "This is too dangerous!" "Get on, Sheep!" everyone shouted, but Sheep wouldn't budge. So Duck started driving without her. "Wait!" cried Sheep. "Don't leave me here alone!" She ran after the tractor and took a flying leap into it. "Quack!" yelled Duck. But what he thought was, "WAHOO!"

If you are a David Shannon fan, you will be forever on the lookout for any new book - just as I was. So, I was thrilled when Nikole at Scholastic made sure I got a copy of this one to share with you!

After his bicycle adventure, Duck has not had enough ... you will know that if you were lucky enough to share Duck on a Bike (Sky Pony, 2002). At the end of that book, he spies a tractor. It has taken him 14 years to work up the courage to take to the road on that huge red piece of farm equipment. Where should he take it? Why, to town, of course. Isn't that where everyone wants to be?

The ride is as wild as the idea itself. Doubts aside, every single one of his farmyard buddies are willing to partake of the adventure. They pile on and they are off! Main Street has never seen so much excitement. That is evidenced by the incredulous looks that greet them as they roll through town.

"A little boy named Edison was having lunch with his grandma.
"Did you ever?" Grandma gasped. But what she thought
was, "A duck on a tractor? That's impossible!"

"That's totally awesome" Edison shouted. But what
he thought was, "No one's gonna believe this!"

Optical illusion? Some are convinced it was just that. Better ask Edison ...

Kids who share this book will love the carefully chosen pattern of the text, and are sure to spend endless time making sure that they see every detail David Shannon so humorously includes in each double page spread. The facial expressions and constantly changing perspectives are sure to elicit giggles. It is a terrific read aloud.

A bicycle, a tractor .... I wonder what's next?

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