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Saturday, December 24, 2016

This Is Sadie, written by Sara O'Leary and illustrated by Julie Morstad. Tundra. 2015. $19.99 ages 4 and up

"This is Sadie."

You probably think
it's a tree, don't you?

It is, but way, way up
at the top is Sadie,
chit-chatting with the

Sadie has wings, of course."

Are we too old to see the world as Sadie sees it? I wish that were not true, but I fear it is. Sadie fills every minute of her day with imagination, happy play, and endless reading ...  she is fully alive in her world. She can sail on a boat that is really a cardboard box. She chooses her own favorite clothes to wear, and plays for endless hours with her friends. Not all of her friends live in her neighborhood; some are found in the pages of her books. Her connection to the books that engage her allows her to live lives of incredible heroism, power and joy.

Sara O'Leary tells a timeless story, sure to be enjoyed by all who read it. It is an open invitation to see ourselves in Sadie's world, always exploring, always enchanted, and forever wishing for longer days. Julie Morstad creates that world with gouache, watercolor, and her own touch of wonder. Switching from the real to the imaginary with practiced ease, she takes readers into the heart and mind of the beautiful little girl.

As an added bonus, if you would like to have a poster as a reminder of this glorious book and the pleasure it brings, check the book jacket. It is worthy of display. Bravo!

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