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Friday, December 2, 2016

Ming Goes to School, written by Deirdre Sullivan and illustrated by Maja Lofdahl. Sky Pony Press, Thomas Allen & Son. 2016. $25.99 ages 3 and up

"It's where she meets new
friends ...

and introduces the old.

It's where magic fairy
castles are built from
sticks ...

and growing up takes time."

I wish I had been able to share this with you in September when school started for most children. Children entering preschool can begin at other times during the year. So, this might be just what you need as you take or welcome a new child.

The text is perfectly suited to Ming's circumstance. It is her first day. Her father brings her in and goes off to start his day. As the seasons change and the year moves forward, Ming learns alongside her classmates. There is much to do, both inside and outside. And, there is time to wait until you are ready to try something brand new and a bit challenging.

This truly lovely book is a gentle introduction to the many joys and reflective moments that a school year for a young child entails. The soft, quiet watercolor artwork that depicts the classroom, the playground, the children who share the space and the gentle, encouraging teacher adds beauty to the strength of the sweet text.

"It's where all things ...
are worth waiting for."

It's a perfect for any child who will soon leave home to spend their days in new surroundings, and would make a lovely gift to share as they anticipate the experience.

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