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Monday, December 12, 2016

King Baby, written and illustrated by Kate Beaton. Scholastic. 2016. $22.99 ages 4 and up

"But your king also
has many demands!


It is good to be king."

Oh, the woes of the new parent! I have always said that if babies were born screaming for the first three months, parents might think more carefully about having another one. But, they are just so darn adorable!

King Baby is the same. Handsome, loved, anticipated with wonder! Friends and family line up to meet him and to coo and cuddle with him after he makes his auspicious arrival. King Baby is bound to bring blessings upon all who honor him with their presen(ce)ts. He makes that promise early in life. We know because he tells us so from the opening pages.

"You will have smiles
and laughs and kisses.
You will have wiggles
and gurgles and coos!"

It isn't long until the demands are outweigh the joys. Mom and Dad are not yet adept at deciphering his wails and groans. They do their best, cajoling all the while. King Baby is not pleased - so he decides to get it himself! When crawling is met with praise, he's ready to take the next step - all the way to 'a big boy'.

That is when he gets a rude awakening!

This is too much fun, and will be appreciated by all who share it. Kate Beaton creates a story that bears repeating, and it is sure to delight little ones who can appreciate an earlier time in their own short lives. The controlled, demanding voice, as well as the fun in the artwork created to show the extent of King Baby's power and his quick rise from newborn to toddler to big boy are a hoot and worthy of your attention. Get a copy for any family experiencing the changes that a baby brings.

I am left to wonder if there will be a sequel ... I do hope so!

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